Daily Pretty Patterns

Alright: I admit. I am a pattern addict. On this blog I post my favorite patters on a daily basis for all you fellow pattern addicts out there. Enjoy!

Stars digital paper: “PASTEL STARS” digital paper pack with baby stars patterns pastel backgrounds in light and soft colors - download here: http://ift.tt/Sf38bp

Chalk border clip art: “CHALK DOODLE BORDERS” clipart pack with digital chalk border images with a doodle chalkboard look - download here: http://ift.tt/17iY6h9

Watercolor ribbon clip art: “WATERCOLOR RIBBONS” watercolour ribbon clipart pack with banners for scrapbooking, card making, invites - download here: http://ift.tt/11NKsRv

Digital paper mosaic: “BLUE TILES MOSAIC” with blue lisbon mosaics / tiles for scrapbooking, invites, cards - download here: http://ift.tt/14iPxCh

Baby girl digital paper: “IT’S A GIRL” with cute pink baby girl owls, hearts, flowers, bottles, dots, stripes for scrapbooking, cards - download here: http://ift.tt/1chqeS3

Baby boy digital paper: “IT’S A BOY” with light blue baby boy owls, hearts, sheep, stars, dots, stripes for scrapbooking, cards - download here: http://ift.tt/11Wj27P

Circus clipart: Digital circus clip art pack “CIRCUS CLIPART” for scrapbooking, card making, invites - download here: http://ift.tt/131T3OB

Damask digital paper: “CLASSICAL DAMASK” digital paper pack with damask and classical vintage elements in grey and cream / beige patterns - download here: http://ift.tt/12Vr0jI

Nautical digital paper: “NAUTICAL PATTERNS” navy backgrounds w/ chevron, polkadots, anchors, sea patterns, waves, beach, navy, blue, red - download here: http://ift.tt/1bpKu6Z

Paris digital paper: “PARIS CHIQUE” with parisian chic classical patterns with damask, fleur de lys, chevron paris patterns in pink and blue - download here: http://ift.tt/12HeeI3